Brita MAXTRA, 5+1 Pack

Brita MAXTRA, 5+1 Pack

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MAXTRA, 5+1 Pack


Brita MAXTRA, 5+1 Pack. Colore del prodotto: Bianco

Simple to use and highly effective: The unique MAXTRA fitration technology combining a natural MicroporeFilter and a powerful ProtectFilter
-reduces taste and aroma impairing substances such as chlorine, chlorine compounds, organic impurities and limescale - for a great natural taste.
-permanently absorbs metals such as lead and copper, which may be present in old household piping, for more well being.

Unique MAXTRA FlowControl has been developed to ensure the perfect filtration time for best results.

BRITA MAXTRA cartridges fit into BRITA jug water filters and many other household appliances like kettles and coffee machines of our cooperation partners.

The heart of any BRITA filter system is the highest quality water filter cartridge
The water filter cartridge enables the presence of limescale, chlorine and impurities to be reduced from our tap water. To achieve consistently high quality, the filter cartridges should be replaced regularly every four weeks. BRITA manufacturers four types of water filter cartridge:

-MAXTRA filter cartridge for optimum performance in all BRITA MAXTRA filter jugs and partner products.
-Inline filter cartridge for our filter tap range.
-Classic filter cartridge.
-Multifit filter cartridge.

The advantages of the MAXTRA technology are the innovative combination of the natural MicroporeFilter and the effective ProtectFilter, which ensures excellent results from your filter system.

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Colore del prodotto Bianco