Liebherr CTP 3016-20 Comfort

Codice: CTP 3016
Liebherr CTP 3016-20 Comfort

615,00 €

492,70 €

Disponibilità: Non disponibile

A++, 215/63l, SN-ST, LCD, 40dB


Liebherr CTP 3016-20 Comfort. Installazione: Libera installazione, Colore del prodotto: Bianco, Cerniera porta: Destra. Capacità netta totale: 278L, Capacità lorda totale: 286L, Classe climatica: SN, T. Capacità netta frigorifero: 215L, Capacità lorda frigorifero: 222L. Tipologia: Doppia porta, Capacità netta congelatore: 63L, Capacità lorda congelatore: 64L. Classe efficienza energetica: A++, Consumo d'energia: 0.543 kWh/24h, Consumo energetico annuo: 199 kWh

Know-how that matters!

Liebherr-Hausgeräte has specialised in developing and manufacturing first class refrigerators and freezers of premium quality and cutting edge design for over 50 years. Innovative ideas are constantly added to the products for enhancing freshness, improving ease-of-use and saving even more energy to raise customer product value.

Premium product quality

To ensure the renowned Liebherr quality, only first class components are used. For example, accurate electronic control systems are used in conjunction with optimised refrigeration components. During the manufacturing process the appliances undergo comprehensive testing and inspection to ensure perfect workmanship and flawless functionality. This means Liebherr appliances have a long service life.

Innovative ideas

Liebherr appliances boast a compelling array of innovative ideas. Take, for example, the freestanding Premium appliances with the new electronic control system and user-friendly Touch feature, or the PremiumPlus models with the innovative LED lighting, convenient IceMaker with TwistTray, or GlassLine shelves for versatile use.

Classical design

The combination of classical, timeless design with high quality materials like glass and stainless steel makes Liebherr appliances the focal point in any kitchen.

Environmentally friendly

For Liebherr, being actively green starts at the very beginning of the design process. In keeping with this ethos, Liebherr uses high quality components for its appliances to provide long and safe operation and top energy efficiency. All plastics are marked for recycling. The manufacturing processes are also geared to efficient use of resources. To give one example: the heat naturally generated during manufac-ture of the appliances is recycled as heating energy. All european
manufacturing sites are certified with the international environmental management standard ISO 14001.

Super energy efficiency

By deploying state-of-the-art, precision electronics combined with finely tuned, highly efficient refrigeration systems, Liebherr offers a wide range of energy saving appliances. All the product groups feature models securing great savings in the A++ and A+++ top energy efficiency
classes. Benchmarks for a new dimension of energy efficiency are set by appliances in Liebherr‘s additional A+++ energy efficiency class.

BioFresh feature

In the BioFresh compartments food retains its healthy vitamins, aroma and appetising appearance up to three times longer than in a conventional fridge. Through its advanced technology the temperature
is accurately kept at just above 0 °C. Each drawer can be used individually and provides ideal humidity – HydroSafes with high humidity or DrySafes with low humidity – for a versatile storage solution.

NoFrost–professional quality freezing performance

The NoFrost system from Liebherr provides rapid, fan-assisted, frost-free freezing for the safe, long-term storage of food. The NoFrost technology creates a much larger storage capacity and keeps the freezer constantly frost-free to make defrosting a thing of the past.

Perfect climate for fine wines

Liebherr‘s wine storage cabinets and multi-temperature wine cabinets are designed specifically to store wine in its optimum environment. These appliances feature state-of-the-art electronic control systems, special vibration free compressors and a host of features such as tinted glazed doors, activated charcoal filters or stable, hand crafted wooden shelves on telescopic rails.

Awards given to the range

The high product and design quality of Liebherr appliances is confirmed by independent institutions. The CBNes 6256 Frenchdoor fridge-freezer was awarded the reddot design award 2010 and the iF product design award 2011. In addition, this model won the PlusX title as the best Side-by-Side refrigerator freezer of the year 2010 and was awarded for High Quality, Design and Ease of Use.

Ulteriori informazioni


Manufacturer Liebherr
Ean 4016803021292


Installazione Libera installazione
Colore del prodotto Bianco
Cerniera porta Destra
Porte invertibili Si
Display incorporato Si
Materiale della cassa Acciaio


Capacità netta totale 278L
Capacità lorda totale 286L
Classe climatica SN, T
Emissione acustica 40 dBi


Capacità netta frigorifero 215L
Capacità lorda frigorifero 222L
Luce interna Si
No Frost (frigorifero) Si
Sbrinamento automatico ( frigorifero) Si
Numero di ripiani frigorifero 5
Porta uova Si
Porta bottiglie Si


Posizione del congelatore Doppia porta
Capacità netta congelatore 63L
Capacità lorda congelatore 64L
Capacità di congelamento 6 kg/24h
Autonomia senza energia elettrica 22h
Punteggio 4
No Frost (congelatore) N
Numero di ripiani congelatore 1
Funzione congelamento veloce Si
Vaschetta del ghiaccio Si

Fresh zone

Compartimento zona fresca N


Allarme porta aperta Si

Gestione energetica

Classe efficienza energetica A++
Consumo d'energia 0,543 kWh/24h
Consumo energetico annuo 199 kWh

Dimensioni e peso

Larghezza 63 cm
Profondità 60 cm
Altezza 1,611m