Hisense RQ562N4AC1 frigorifero side-by-side

Codice: RQ562N4 INOX
Hisense RQ562N4AC1 frigorifero side-by-side

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834,67 €

Disponibilità: Disponibile

432 L, A+, SN/T, 43 dB(A), 12 kg/24 h, LED Display, Acciaio Inossidabile
Ordina adesso ed il Tuo prodotto sarà affidato al corriere indicativamente entro il : 25-10-2016
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Hisense RQ562N4AC1. Installazione: Libera installazione, Colore del prodotto: Acciaio inossidabile, Design: Porta americana. Capacità netta totale: 432L, Capacità lorda totale: 456L, Classe climatica: ST, T. Capacità netta frigorifero: 290L. Capacità netta congelatore: 142L, Tipologia: Fondo, Capacità di congelamento: 12 kg/24h. Classe efficienza energetica: A+, Consumo d'energia: 1024 kWh/24h, Consumo energetico annuo: 373 kWh


This new fridge freezer from Hisense is simply amazing.
The minimalist design helps to match your kitchen beautifully and comes with an anti-fingerprinting stainless steel-look, has a perfect quad-divisional structure, ergonomic recessed handles, and an elegantly crafted electronic touch LED control display.

With a unique triple zone, this fridge freezer comes with three separately temperature controlled compartments for you to adjust according to your needs. Have a large fridge area, or freezer compartment, or turn one compartment in to an additional My Fresh Choice area.

Frost Free Technology
Thanks to innovative Total No Frost technology, ice crystals are unable to form, ensuring there is no build up of frost and ice in the fridge or the freezer. This means that you will never have to defrost again saving you both time and money.

Moisture Fresh CrisperMoisture Fresh Crisper
This is an ideal place to keep meat and fish fresher for longer. By cooling your foods to temperatures near to 0°C, and with the added benefits of the moisture adjust system, you can set the humidity precisely to maintain the refrigerated foods natural moisture.

Super Freeze FunctionSuper Freeze Function
The Super Freeze function ensures quick and stable freezing of items added to the freezer. This means your food will look good, taste great and stay nutritious for longer.

Super Cool FunctionSuper Cool Function
The Super Cool function ensures quick and stable cooling of food added to the fridge. This should help your food look good, taste great and stay nutritious for longer.

My Fresh ChoiceMy Fresh Choice
In order to keep food fresh and in peak condition you need the right environment. The “My Fresh Choice” storage drawers can be controlled individually, in order to create constant temperature and humidity. This controlled environment means that food can be cooled down more quickly preserving the nutrients and flavour for longer.

Holiday ModeHoliday Mode
Choosing to use this special feature allows you to empty the fridge when you’re away for a longer period of time. The internal temperature of the fridge is automatically switched to 15°C whilst keeping the freezer working. No more nasty odours or the formation of mould, your fridge and its contents remain fresh saving you both energy and money.

LED DisplayLED Display
An easy to reach touch control panel with a host of features makes controlling your Hisense product easier than ever. The panel lets you quickly select the correct temperature for the fridge and freezer compartments separately using a smooth operating interface with an LED display.

Ulteriori informazioni


Manufacturer Hisense
Ean 6943619736578


Installazione Libera installazione
Colore del prodotto Acciaio inossidabile
Design Porta americana
Tipo di lampada LED
Protezione per i bambini Si
Tipo di controllo Touch
Display incorporato Si
Tipo di display LED
Materiale ripiano Vetro


Capacità lorda totale 456L
Classe climatica ST, T
Emissione acustica 43 dBi
Dispenser acqua No
Erogatore ghiaccio Si
Tritaghiaccio No
Funzione vacanza Si


Capacità netta frigorifero 290L
No Frost (frigorifero) Si
Sbrinamento automatico ( frigorifero) Si
Sistema Multi-Airflow (frigorifero) Si
Numero di ripiani frigorifero 4
Numero di cassetti per verdura 2
Balconcini del frigorifero 8
Porta uova Si
Funzione Super Cool Si


Posizione del congelatore Fondo
Capacità di congelamento 12 kg/24h
Autonomia senza energia elettrica 15h
Punteggio 4*
No Frost (congelatore) Si
Sbrinamento automatico (congelatore) Si
Numero di ripiani congelatore 6
Funzione congelamento veloce Si
Numero di porte del congelatore 2

Fresh zone

Compartimento zona fresca No


Allarme porta aperta Si

Gestione energetica

Classe efficienza energetica A+
Consumo d'energia 1024 kWh/24h
Consumo energetico annuo 373 kWh

Dimensioni e peso

Larghezza 79,4 cm
Profondità 70 cm
Altezza 181 cm
Peso 106 kg
Peso incluso imballo 116 kg
Larghezza imballo 85,3 cm
Profondità imballo 77 cm
Altezza imballo 193,5 cm