Reber 6735 N plastic bags

Codice: PAVI30X40/100
Reber 6735 N plastic bags

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Busta 100 sacchetti 30 x 40 cm


Reber 6735 N. Larghezza: 20 cm, Profondità: 30 cm

The small vacuum bags must be resistant, airproof and suitable for food contact. The small REBER three-layer bags answer all these requirements: the inside in polyethylene is suitable for the contact with the food contained; the middle layer in polyamide guarantees the air tightness; the outside layer, in polyethylene too, makes the bag more resistant to perforation or tears, safe in case of contact with other food and, as it prevents the penetration of humidity, it reduces the formation of frost and ice crystals in the freezer. Furthermore, the small REBER bags are realized with a special anti-UV filter which protects the content from the exposition to light. The special impressions (patented system) on the surface help the air come out and thus facilitate the creation of real vacuum.

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Manufacturer Pavi Srl
Ean 0031590401380

Contenuto dell'imballo

Quantità per confezione 100

Dimensioni e peso

Larghezza 20 cm
Profondità 30 cm

Dettagli tecnici

Materiali Polyamide, Polietilene
Colore del prodotto Trasparente