Nintendo Tomodachi Life, 3DS

Nintendo Tomodachi Life, 3DS

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Tomodachi Life, 3DS


Nintendo Tomodachi Life, 3DS. Piattaforma: Nintendo 3DS, Genere: Simulazione, Classificazione ESRB: E (tutti)

Start a new life on two cool islands
Your Mii will live in an apartment block on your very own slice of paradise – and you decide who lives there with you.

Bring everyone you know
Make the Mii characters of family, friends or anyone else you can think of! Move in your mates and make the world your own.

Mii characters come to life!
For the first time Mii characters have voices and personalities!

Check back every day
All kinds of unexpected things will happen in your game, so come back every day to see what life throws at your Islanders.

Explore your new home
Your islands are filled with cool places to visit – hit the shops, head to the Beach, or hang out at the Amusement Park.

Take care of your mates
You can hang out with all your Mii characters, give them gifts, and even play minigames. Try different things to figure out what makes each one happy!

Customise your world
Choose cool new interior designs for apartments and buy snappy outfits for your residents!

Show off silly, funny, or just plain awesome moments
Use the Nintendo 3DS Image Share service to share screenshots with your mates on Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook!

Anything can happen…
The people who live on your islands will lead full lives – they'll make friends, fall out, maybe even fall in love!

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Manufacturer Nintendo
Ean 0045496525538


Piattaforma Nintendo 3DS
Genere Simulazione
Classificazione ESRB E (tutti)
Sviluppatore Nintendo
Data di rilascio 6/06/2014
PEGI rating 3
Editore Nintendo
Edizione gioco Basico
Numero massimo di giocatori 1
Versione lingua ENG
Modalità multiplayer No
Edizione gioco Basico
Versione lingua ENG